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USA/Canada Cross Border

With thousands of shipments a year, we only work with service driven partners. If you enjoy providing top tier service, contact us today.

We truly value our relationships with our drivers, as our business would not be possible without them. Working with NUAGE means working for a company that values and continually supports its carriers and drivers. We will always aim to get you paid as fast as possible, without a factoring company in the way. Ask us about free quickpay for our preferred partners.

Why Haul for Us?

Free quickpay for our preferred partners. Come work with us to see what  driver appreciation truly feels like. We enjoy working with carriers/drivers who reflect our same values. You’ll never need to find another load again working with us.

We are looking to fill our team with drivers who aim to provide an unmatched level of service we pride ourselves on. Please contact us today if you would like to join a winning team.

Contact us today!

Let’s work together to obtain a level of excellence that cannot be beat.

Accountability, dependability, innovation, and appreciation are the core values we use at NUAGE every day. The result? An agile, solution-based team made of the best talent that provides a level of service you can always count on.

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