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Becoming a Teammate

At NUAGE, we know what it can be like to work somewhere primarily profit driven that doesn’t put the experiences of its team members first. Our priority is people first and creating a thriving work environment that provides the best for our team.

It’s time to join a team that recognizes your greatness. If you want to be a part of a boutique company that values its people, join us at NUAGE! Explore our open positions and get in touch.

Why Work for us?


Leaders and team members at NUAGE will always hold themselves accountable, recognize mistakes, and take charge to fix them.


Recognition of hard work is important for any business. We value and appreciate our team, offering them the compensation packages and performance-based bonuses they deserve.


Our success is built on trust and reliability. We offer world class training and resources to our team to ensure that they thrive and can always provide Service Over Everything.


Innovation is important in the ever-changing logistics space. We encourage our team to think creatively and present groundbreaking ideas that improve our services.

Open Positions

Customer Service Representative

· Assist customers with any and all questions and concerns, such as rate quotes, tracing shipments, billing or payment questions, or
company specific questions.
· Serve as the direct link between NUAGE Logistics and clients/carriers; making and answering phone calls using professional
communication skills, and entering all data into our computer systems.
· Negotiate with clients and carriers to obtain optimal pricing and agreements, while creating and maintaining strong relationships.
· Track shipments, closely monitoring pick-ups and deliveries
· Prepare, handle, and distribute any and all documents needed for shipments.

Account Executive

· Satisfy the needs of current customers and close deals with new customers by generating and following leads.
· Close contracts and maintain contact with accounts.
· Negotiate with customers to obtain profitable rates while ensuring customer satisfaction.
· Have sufficient knowledge of the industry, rates, equipment types, etc.
· Meet revenue and sales targets.
· Teach clients about our service offering.
· Keep organized account records.

Accounts Payable Representative

· Schedule, prepare, and monitor all payments including invoices, statements, and payroll.
· Track budget expenses and maintain records.
· Ensure that payments to vendors are received on time.
· Maintain copies of invoices, statements, and all other relevant files.

Accounts Receivable Representative

· Maintain regular communication with customers regarding statuses of payments; contact clients and send reminders.
· Prepare invoices, bills, and bank deposits.
· Monitor incoming payments and secure revenue.
· Maintain records of payments.
· Identify discrepancies and resolve client payment issues.

Credit/Invoicing Manager

· Oversee invoicing procedures and clarify invoicing policies.
· Ensure that invoices are issued and receivables are collected in a timely fashion.
· Oversee credit and collection: highlight the terms of repayment and identify risk limits.
· Evaluate the creditworthiness of prospective clients.
· Maintain and monitor records of company and customer loans.

Drayage CAN/USA Operations

· Monitor and oversee daily operations.
· Maintain a strong knowledge of industry standards and trends.
· Manage shipments, ensuring that pick-ups and deliveries are on time. Communicate with dispatch staff to ensure that shipments meet
· Maintain tight communication with the sales team and clients to determine competitive rates, and build lasting relationships.
· Identify potential issues and appropriate solutions for when they arise.
· Ensure receipts and PODs are received from carriers in a timely fashion.

Contact Us

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you!